Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 24

Breakfast- 4 eggs fried in coconut oil, half a bunch of asparagus and half a container of spinach sauteed with one quarter of an acorn squash, a few pinches of coconut flakes 2-3 macadamia nuts.  Post workout- 4 eggs whites (hard boiled) and half a sweet potato with cinnamon.  Snack- 4 pinches of coconut flakes and 2 macadamia nuts.  Lunch- one and a half grassfed bison burgers with 1 grassfed beef italian sausage, a bag of carrot shreds roasted and a very large salad made of baby lettuces, half an avocado, a small handful of raspberries, sliced almonds and homemade citrus vinaigrette.  Dinner- grassfed beef ribeye with oven roasted carrots, parsnips and snap peas.  Snack- a pear heated in the microwave with cinnamon, a pure wrap with a smear of cashew butter, some pasture raised pulled pork, 3 macadamia nuts, and two large pinches of coconut flakes.  Today I did a very hard workout and I have been quite hungry.

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