Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 16

Breakfast- 1 carton of spinach sauteed in ghee, with  4 eggs fried in coconut oil and one quarter of a sweet potato.  Post workout- half a sweet potato with cinnamon and 4 hard boiled eggs whites.  Lunch- leftover chicken curry with veggies and leftover pizza hash, carrot shreds, coconut and 4 macadamia nuts.  Snack- Leftover pizza hash and coconut flakes.  Dinner- homemade bison stew (see paleoperfectly.blogspot.com), oven roasted green cauliflower and macadamia and cashews.  Snack- 4 small chunks of pineapple and a small kiwi with a few macadamia nuts and some cashews.

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