Saturday, April 14, 2012

Its almost time...

My husband and I have decided to participate in our first Whole30 (from ever. We have been living a paleo-ish lifestyle for about a year and a half now. We are far from strict, in that we allow alcohol, maple syrup, honey, white potatoes, ect. After a recent 5 day Disney Cruise (amazing!), I decided I wanted to clean up my eating habits and get back on track. My wonderful, loving and devoted husband agreed to join me. Being parents to 3 young boys, we have our hands full so a Whole30 is going to require lots and lots of planning and prepping. I am also a nursing mother, so I need to ensure that I am always getting enough calories to keep baby happy and my body functioning. Along with our Whole30 we will be committing to 3-5 workouts a week doing Crossfit. This is another challenge because between 3 kids and all of our other various commitments we are quite busy most of the time. Fingers crossed we are ready for this challenge! I plan to use this blog to post my recipes, highs, lows and whatever else I feel like sharing during this process. Its just about time to discover if this Whole30 is going to be a whole lot of fun... ;)

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